Towards a world of the ‘unpackaged’, a sustainable practice and valuable contribution to the environment...


​Why buy Bulk ?

The world today faces two main problems: the economy and the environment. We (citizens, companies and governments) need to “eliminate wasteful spending” and “prioritize what must be done” to help the environment and economy”.

Purchasing large bags of various types of cereals or grains in bulk and presented in bins, creates the opportunity for cutomers to buy what they need and entices them to diversify their food choices and without the wasteful spending much as it does decrease food waste.

When buying in bulk, from the retailer to the customer, it eliminates unecessary packaging, reduces food and plastic waste, preserves biodiversity, reduces ressources used in the manufacture, transport, and disposal of traditionally packaged products. All of this encourages the development of a greener economy.

Bulk Merchandising solutions makes economy and environment finally go hand in hand.