Do you wish to offer your products in bulk and have questions about the quality approach, the management of traceability, the choice of container, the optimal adaptation of the bulk concept to your shop, the customer path? 

We can help you by accompanying you step by step towards the bulk concept most adapted to your objectives and to your product.  

Bulk&co has been a specialist in the bulk market for many years and has gained expertise by enriching its knowledge of this market. We form a dedicated team with a variety of profiles, who use their skills to accelerate bulk sales.

En tant que pionnier, Bulk&Co a pu tester et mettre en œuvre plusieurs concepts auprès d’acteurs variés. C’est pourquoi aujourd’hui, Bulk&Co est en mesure de répondre précisément à chaque besoin. Bulk&Co est sans aucun doute le spécialiste du vrac en France et en Europe

We are at your disposal for all your bulk and zero waste projects!

Bulk&Co, advises you, guides you and transforms you into a VRACkenger, in a relaxed way and always with great simplicity.


Le vrac est à la portée de tous : marques, producteurs, industriels, GMS, réseaux de distribution spécialisés, épiceries vrac…  
Vous aussi, contribuez au changement, en modifiant les façons de consommer.

Bulk&co, the bulk expert, accompanies you in your transformation towards zero waste thanks to a range of services tailored to your specifications, in order to ensure a successful bulk sales experience. 

our objective is to assist you in:

OFFering a new way of consuming your products

reducing the environmental impact of your activity

communicating on a strong consumer expectation 


To find out more, the easiest way is to contact us:


Commercial Director at Bulk and Co

There are more difficult things than working at Bulk&Co and therefore in the acceleration of the transition to Zero Waste! My daily missions consist in exchanging and finding solutions with the commercial team to involve the maximum of partners in this adventure. I am also in constant contact with different structures: distributors, national brands, local SMEs, project leaders. My job is to imagine with them the most appropriate Bulk solutions for their structure. I try to transmit my joy and my optimism to lead to concrete and committed actions




 Bulk&co developed the first bulk sales concept for branded products in France, in partnership with Franprix, FM Logistic and Ilec.

The aim: to encourage a more responsible way of consuming by making it possible to buy the right quantity, to enjoy a greater variety of products, in smaller quantities, and to use less packaging.

Thus, Ancel, Benenuts, Carambar, Carte Noire, Ebly, Kellogs, Lutti, Panzani, Taureau Ailé, Uncle Bens, Vichy, alongside the retailer Franprix, are all in bulk in the same corner, with the ambition of popularising bulk sales. 

The cooperation of FM Logistic, Ilec, Franprix and Bulk&co enabled the implementation of a complete logistics solution from upstream to downstream.

In this pilot and on several levels, Bulk&co brought its expertise to the following areas:

- Design and manufacture of furniture 

Choice and provision of the technical solution: a pre-filled cardboard hopper which allows easy traceability and impeccable hygiene

- Advice to brands: product flow and ageing tests, consumer studies, project management, etc.