Bulk&co is using innovation to make bulk consumption accessible to all lifestyles. In a continuous improvement process,
our team of engineers and R&D designers conceive the solutions and bulk concepts of tomorrow
to facilitate the consumer experience.


Fine powder products have finally found the right container for bulk sales. 

Spicoj was born from the combination of noble, non-petroleum-based materials suitable for food contact, a 100% stainless steel spout and a glass jar. Made in Europe, Spicoj is the zero-waste solution for the distribution of spices, aromatic herbs, cocoa powders...

Spicoj is a 100% hygienic distribution system, 0 contact with the stored product, 0 contact with the air. Ergonomic to use, it is extremely easy to maintain as it can be completely dismantled.


Kristel supports the development of Spicoj by ensuring that the regulatory framework is maintained.


Quality manager at Bulk&co


Compatible with products usually distributed by gravity, the glass-wood silo is equipped with a food-grade silicone membrane that guarantees the proper preservation of food. The outlet diameter can be adjusted to match the flow rate to the dispensed references. Disassembly/assembly is simple, as is maintenance. The silicone membrane is machine washable.

This bulk distribution solution was developed and manufactured in France in the joineries of our ecosystem. The maritime pine used in this solution comes from the protected forests of the Landes. 

Designed to equip bulk sales department without materials from the petroleum industry, using noble and natural materials, this glass-wood solution brings aesthetics to your shelf and a higher quality to the distributed product. 



Product Designer at À Demain

To develop innovative products, Bulk&co relies on engineers specialised in product creation. 



Easyvrak is Bulk&co's bulk cardboard solution

Its advantages are numerous and allow you to quickly and easily install a bulk solution in your department and points of sale. 

This fully recyclable solution reduces the time spent on shelving and cleaning containers. 

Hygiene is controlled in all circumstances, and product traceability is undoubtedly the primary objective of our solution. With the EasyVrak solution, Bulk and Co wants to provide a bulk sales experience that respects the environment and the producers who build it, and to lead the consumer towards a zero-waste consumption easily and safely.