Wood-Glass Silo
An innovation in bulk distribution
SILOVB® was born from a desire to make Zero Plastic bulk.

But why? Because plastic is not good? NO!!! What we wanted was to think about the future. What will happen to this unborn silo in its old age? How was it going to be recycled? Because for Bulk & Co, the best waste is the one we don't produce. We needed to be eco-responsible with our innovations.

Thus, in A DEMAIN agency, the R&D laboratory of our ecosystem, a wood and glass silo is currently being developed.
We wanted a silo that distributes dry foods by gravity: pasta, rice, oilseeds, hazelnuts, seeds, etc. A cylindrical, elegant silo for an environmentally friendly bulk. 
This is why we chose French Landes pine, European glass, a French stainless steel mechanism, and a Breton joinery, Bio Créations Bois, to assemble it and thus give birth to the SILOVB®.

We are currently fine-tuning it and can't wait to present it to you soon...

Bulk Spices !